Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet the Team - M.r. Horhager

Meet Mathias!

Mathias is a film maker. For serious.

His short films Ringo and I Hate Your Red Light are touring the festivals world wide to critical acclaim.

When Mathias is not being a Director of festival-worthy films, he is a stellar storyboard and layout artist.  You can see some of his work on the All Time Low "For Baltimore" video, as well as our upcoming project for Amazon Studios.

Be sure to check our a screening of his films if they come to your neck of the woods!

RINGO or: The story of a couple who tried to revitalize their relationship but instead ruined a child. TRAILER from MR Horhager on Vimeo.
RINGO or: The story of a couple who tried to revitalize their relationship but instead ruined a child. CLIP from MR Horhager on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet The Team - Omar Al-Hafidh

Meet Omar!

Omar animates that good Disney way ... like on the Jungle Book and stuff, which makes him way too sophisticated for the likes of us at Tinman Creative, but we like to think he classes the joint up a bit.

Having a BA in Visual Arts from University of Jordan as well as a BA of Animation from Sheridan, Omar is a force to be reckoned with, and we're awful glad he's reckoned with us.

You can see some of Omar's work featured in the All Time Low video "For Baltimore" (if you see anyone running, beautifully, that's Omar), with more of his work to come.

Be sure to check out his portfolio and blog to see more of his fantastic work.

Omar Al-Hafidh Demo Reel 2012 from Omar Al-Hafidh on Vimeo.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Meet The Team - Jeremy Bondy

Meet Jeremy Bondy!

We grabbed Jeremy fresh off a plane from LA, where he was working for JibJab, and this fact makes him pretty cool by 'pretty cool' standards.

He's also a crazy-talented 2D animator and off-the-hook board artist, and we've been putting him to solid use on both fronts.

Jeremy did the wicked "Brain Exploding", "Baby Birthing" and "Vomit" scenes in our recent All Time Low "For Baltimore" music video.

Animation by Jeremy Bondy for Tinman Creative Studios from Tinman Creative Studios on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more of the weird stuff from Jeremy over the next few months! There's a lot more coming!

Until then, check out some of his personal links:
His Blog
His Portfolio

Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Time Low - For Baltimore Designs

So far everyone is loving the All Time Low music video so we wanted to share some of the production designs we used to animate it.

All Time Low "For Baltimore"

A few months back, Brett was approached by  Hopeless Records to do some artwork for All Time Low's latest album, Don't Panic.

That romance blossomed, and from that artwork a music video was born!

All Time Low "For Baltimore" Music Video from Tinman Creative Studios on Vimeo.


All Time Low | The Band

Brett Jubinville | Director
Morghan Fortier | Producer

Alex Diochon | BG Layouts
Mathias Horhager | Layout Artist 

Christine D. Dupont | Animator (the band stuff)
Christopher Wright | Animator (the monsters & dancing stuff)
Jeremy Bondy | Animator (the weird stuff)
Kevin Williams | Animator (the space stuff)
Omar Al-Hafidh | Animator (the running stuff)

Meet the Team - Christopher Wright

Meet Chris Wright!  He's British!

Chris was born of two skydivers.  He grew up climbing and skiing but decided to forgo that active lifestyle for one sat in dark rooms, lit only by monitor glow.

After being kicked out of the UK for not being a "proper Brit" (a dislike of tea and football is all it takes), Chris found safe haven in Canada where he brought his 2D animation skills to Toronto.

To see more of Chris's awesome work, be sure to check out his blog and website

Showreel 2012 from Christopher Wright on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet the Team - Kevin Williams

Meet Kevin Williams!

For those of you who follow our postings, a few months back we did a search for a "Special Person". Well, we found him, and his name is Kevin Williams.

Kevin's not just special, he's a very talented and multi-facetted artist.

Another recent Sheridan Grad, Kevin is no stranger to the animation production scene, and his experience has been put to good use on a multitude of recent Tinman projects.

Stay tuned for some of the projects Kevin's been labouring away on!

Until then, check out his blog to see his awesome array of work.

Dead-Beat Dad - Animated Short Film from Kevin Williams on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet the Team - Christine D. Dupont

Meet Christine Dallaire-Dupont.

From the far away land of Montreal, Quebec, Christine is a totally kick-ass 2D Animator.

Christine has been working with us on a few projects, most notably (or at least one that we can talk about) is the lyric videos for All Time Low, as well as their upcoming music video "For Baltimore"

A Sneak Peak of Animation by Christine D. Dupont for Tinman Creative Studios from Tinman Creative Studios on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for ore Christine's work over the next few months!

Until then, check out her NuNuMi Blog and her demo reel here:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet the Team - Noam Sussman

Every day this week we'll be showcasing a member of the Tinman Team. Some majorly talented and lovely folk who have been collaborating with us on some really awesome projects this year.

For starters....

Meet Noam Sussman.

Although Noam may be a recent grad from Sheridan College's Animation program, he is no stranger to the animation spotlight.  His work has garnered him titles such as 'Finalist' and 'Official Selection' for festivals all over the world, not to mention a 'Nelvana Honourable Mention Award' and a 'Winner of the Bill Plympton Animation Contest'. This is all for 2012.  So yeah... he's that awesome.

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot

Its his really unique style and timing sense that drew us to Noam's work. 

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot
After we saw Noam's short Gum, we kinda sorta fell in love with him.  That lead to little animation babies, and the rest will soon be history!

Over the last little while, Noam has been collaborating with us on a Tinman Creative Creation.  So stay tuned for epicness. Because it will be epic.

We could continue to write about how awesome Noam and his work is, or you could just see some of his work for yourself:

Demo Reel 2012 from Noam Sussman on Vimeo.Gum

Check out further Noam goodness at:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All Time Low - Full Album Lyric Videos

We've been having a blast working with All Time Low not only on the art for their new album,  but a series of lyric videos based on that artwork.

Its been a blast, and there's more to come!

Until then, check out the entire new All Time Low album, along with our lyric videos on Youtube!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

All Time Low Teaser

A little teaser for some work we did in August for the band All Time Low.

More to come, so stay tuned.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We recently wrapped on a sweet little spot with Scofield Editorial for LabDoor. The spot, inspired by Saul Bass, demonstrates the consumer app that provides product safety ratings and reviews.

LabDoor from Tinman Creative Studios on Vimeo.

Tinman Creative Credits:
Brett Jubinville: Creative Director | Designer
Morghan Fortier: Producer
Matt Moses: Animator

Scofield Editorial:
Ashley Bryan - Producer

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tinman is Looking for Someone Special

Tinman - Looking for Someone...

Tinman Creative is looking for someone special ~ a multifaceted artist who is confident and comfortable doing a little bit of everything, and doing a little bit of everything well.

You'll be working out of our Toronto offices directly with our Creative Director.

You must know:
~ Photoshop
~ Illustrator
~ After Effects
~ Maya
~ Flash

You must be able to:
~ Draw!
~ Draw and Design in Different Styles (using Photoshop & Illustrator)
~ 2D Animate (Frame by Frame & After Effects)
~ 3D Modelling is a plus
~ Have a good sense of design & story
~ Work in a fast paced environment
~ Be good with deadlines
~ Be able to take direction and work independently

Please send your demo reel link,  portfolio and CV to:

Only digital submissions will be accepted, so don't drop off hard copies.
Due to the nature of the position, I'm afraid we are restricted to local artists only.
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

Wanna learn more about Tinman?  Visit our website at

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The TAAFI 2012 Sponsorship Film

We had the privilege of creating the Sponsorship Film for this year's Toronto Animated Arts Festival International, otherwise known as TAAFI.

This was the first year of the Festival, and it focused on the history of the Toronto Animation Industry. So in that spirit, Tinman's Brett Jubinville created Johnny, an animated cartoon character, who tells his story of working in the Toronto Animation Industry to our mock-documentary crew.

The film screened in two versions during the festival, the long version here, and a shorter version which featured Johnny's huge breakout hit, the commercial for Maple Sugar Beaver Bombs, a high sugar, Canadian themed (Bacon Flavoured Marshmallows!) fictitious cereal.

Created by Tinman Creative Studios
Designed & Directed by Brett Jubinville
Produced & Edited by Morghan Fortier
Animated by Brett Jubinville and Sean Janisse
CG TAAFI logo by ACME Digital Pictures
Alan Cross as Johnny
Rob Munday as Announcer
Audio by Saucer Sound
Sound Design & Mix By Mike Rowland and John Carey
Music & Stock Images Courtesy of
Special Thanks to:
The City of Toronto Archives
Rodrigo Bravo
Bob Fortier
Mark Pudleiner
Andy Bartlett
Ben McEvoy
Rich Duhaney
Mike Weiss
Barnabas Wornoff
Alexandra Moorshead
Anne-Marie Enns

Friday, June 22, 2012

Attack of the B-Movies

Last night was the opening reception for an exhibit at the Gladstone Art Bar called Attack of the B-Movies.

Presented by the amazing Tammy Semen, the exhibit features art from the Toronto animation industry, including not only our very own Brett Jubinville, but Adam Jeffcoat, Chad Hicks, Darren Cranford, Darren Donovan, Geoff Donovan, Joseph Troy, John Halfpenny, Justin Nieuwland, Marlo Meekins, Martin Smith, Michael Valiquette, Natasha Dichpan, Nick Bakker, Olga Stern, Paul Watling, Riccardo Durrante, Robin Joseph, Seo Kim, Shari Cohen and Tammy Langton.

The turnout was amazing, and the event was packed last night! The event runs until June 24th, so if you are in the area, be sure to check it out.

Check out Attack of the B-Movies on Facebook and you can also get further information (and get a glimpse of Brett's piece as well) on the Gladstone Blog

Brett's Poster "The Bulldog"
Brett with "The Bulldog"