Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet the Team - Noam Sussman

Every day this week we'll be showcasing a member of the Tinman Team. Some majorly talented and lovely folk who have been collaborating with us on some really awesome projects this year.

For starters....

Meet Noam Sussman.

Although Noam may be a recent grad from Sheridan College's Animation program, he is no stranger to the animation spotlight.  His work has garnered him titles such as 'Finalist' and 'Official Selection' for festivals all over the world, not to mention a 'Nelvana Honourable Mention Award' and a 'Winner of the Bill Plympton Animation Contest'. This is all for 2012.  So yeah... he's that awesome.

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot

Its his really unique style and timing sense that drew us to Noam's work. 

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot

Designs by Noam Sussman for a Tinman Pilot
After we saw Noam's short Gum, we kinda sorta fell in love with him.  That lead to little animation babies, and the rest will soon be history!

Over the last little while, Noam has been collaborating with us on a Tinman Creative Creation.  So stay tuned for epicness. Because it will be epic.

We could continue to write about how awesome Noam and his work is, or you could just see some of his work for yourself:

Demo Reel 2012 from Noam Sussman on Vimeo.Gum

Check out further Noam goodness at:

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